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Address: 6333 W. 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-591-0495
Web Site:: http://local-ice.com/
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You can take the girl out of New York
but you cant take the New York out of the girl.
Thats what Lisa Wood is like. And because you cant take the New York out of Lisa, she decided to bring a little bit of the East Coast to you.

Why an ice cream parlor, you ask? Starting with memories like her first job at age 15, working at Friendlys Ice Cream Store & serving ice cream to the handsome seniors at her high school; as a little kid, enjoying refreshing Italian Ice sitting on the stoop during hot Brooklyn summers, and even making homemade ice cream in Maine with her grandparents, with fresh picked berries from their own blueberry bushes

These fond childhood memories were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to her love for all things frozen and delicious. But even though Lisa is a New Yorker at heart, shes an LA girl too. Thats why Local Ice is all about being organic, friendly and fresh.

Lisa decided that she wanted to open her own brand of classic soda fountain after living in Hoboken, NJ for a couple of years and rediscovering Italian Ice. This refreshing treat tasted even sweeter as a mom because it was light and healthy.

Lisa realized this refreshing frozen dessert would be perfect for sunny California, and she enrolled at Ice Cream University in New Jersey. She was excited to bring something special back to her community, and wanted to work with local vendors, schools, and businesses.

By the time the family packed up and moved back to LA, the scene had been set for Lisa to start her dream. A classic soda fountain that nurtures the palate of both the New Yorker and the Angeleno.

"Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos."

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Address: 6333 W. 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-591-0495
Web Site:: http://local-ice.com/
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